Action on neglect

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Views of young people

The young people who formed one of our consultative groups for the Action on Neglect project told us what they thought neglect meant from their own experiences.

What is neglect?

  • Not enough love
  • Parents and step-parents not spending time with me
  • Parents and step-parents having no interest in me
  • Not being able to confide in my mum or dad
  • Having to look after brothers and sisters – you end up doing your parents’ job, the responsibility is passed to you
  • Parents have no interest in school and not going to parent’s nights; not helping with homework
  • Parents have no control
  • Parents neglect themselves
  • The parents can’t care – they may be stressed from moving around a lot
  • Messy hair and clothes – you get judged for your appearance
  • It’s one thing to say they love you but they have to do things to s

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