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Alexander Technique teaches improved posture and movement, which is believed to help reduce and prevent problems caused by unhelpful habits.

During a number of lessons you’re taught to be more aware of your body, how to improve poor posture and move more efficiently.

Teachers of the Alexander Technique believe it helps get rid of tension in your body and relieves problems such as back pain, neck ache, sore shoulders and other musculoskeletal problems.

Evidence suggests the technique has the potential to improve certain health conditions, but there are some claims made about the technique that haven’t been scientifically tested. 

Key principles

The main principles of the Alexander Technique are:

  • ‘how you move, sit and stand affects how well you function’
  • ‘the relationship of the head, neck and spine is fundamental to your ability to function optimally’
  • ‘becoming more mindful of the way you go about your daily activities is necessary to make changes and gain benefit’
  • ‘the mind and bo...

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