General Article Are there any benefits to gambling?

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Tax revenues

It is easy to see that an industry that is estimated to be worth around £63bn a year would be an attractive form of fiscal revenue for the government. Opening up the gambling industry will inevitably increase revenues from this already lucrative source.

However, some are concerned that the desire for increased tax revenues is driving changes devoid of any concern for the social wellbeing of the public at large, with particular concern about gambling-related problems such as addiction, indebtedness and breakdown of family life.

Social activity

Gambling is often carried out in a social context, which provides entertainment and often safe venues in which to enjoy an evening out with friends, such as bingo. In this social context, many people enjoy the thrill and excitement a day at the races or a night at a casino provides.

There is also the social benefit of raising money through lotteries for a social or sporting club or local community initiative.


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