General Article Bulimia treatment

Topic Selected: Eating Disorders

Bulimia nervosa is getting rid of food by purging, taking laxatives and even excessive exercise.

Bulimia Nervosa: is this you?

Emotions and behaviour

  • You feel out of control of food; you are desperate to control your weight but eat compulsively at times.
  • Bulimia feels like an addiction. Eating rules your life.
  • You are fearful of weight gain and feel very bad about your body and shape. You act as if you were confident but your self-esteem is low.
  • You may promise to stop your bulimia, but it somehow doesn’t happen and you are ashamed in case people discover what is going on.
  • Food feels like a friend and a foe, wish you could just take it or leave it.
  • You have mood swings, often for no reason; you feel depressed, alone and low.
  • You have started purging as a desperate way to control your weight, but it isn’t working well and your weight may start increasing.

Physical outcome

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