General Article Can algae save the world?

Topic Selected: Climate Change
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Scientists are trying to turn tiny aquatic plants - algae - into a new sort of fuel... But why? The fuels we currently use are made from coal, oil and gas, which are releasing greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. The vast majority of climate scientists are convinced that people are causing the climate to change as a result of this.

Climate change will affect us all - and it's already started. It isn't just about the planet getting warmer. As well as causing extreme weather - such as floods, droughts and storms - climate change will force people out of their homes, increase disease and have massive economic effects.

We can't stop climate change overnight. In the UK and around the world, people will need to make changes to adapt to the new climate, like strengthening flood defences and breeding drought-resistant crops.

To crack climate change, we'll need politicians and industry to act. But every single person can do something to help slow climate ...

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