General Article Clean-eating backlash: how to find nutritional information you can trust

Topic Selected: Eating Disorders

‘When it comes to food, everyone thinks they are an expert.’

By Natasha Hinde

It’s 2017 and clean-eating is facing a storm of scrutiny. The hugely successful healthy eating trend has seen a major backlash.

Clean-eating – where people avoid processed foods, sugar and gluten in favour of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains – has been spearheaded by numerous foodies with large social media followings.

The problem is, some of these so-called healthy eating gurus might not have any nutritional qualifications. In fact, with social media, anyone can share dietary advice online.

A new survey by Sainsbury’s found that one in five 11- to 14-year-olds now look to bloggers and social media stars for information on healthy eating. Of the 2,000 youngsters surveyed, 43% believe cutting out a food group will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

To combat growing uncertainty surrounding dietary advice, we

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