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If the biosphere is ruined it will be done by people who know that emissions must be cut - but refuse to alter the way they live, says George Monbiot.

You have to pinch yourself. Until now the Sun has denounced environmentalists as 'loonies' and 'eco beards'. Last week it published 'photographic proof that climate change is real'. In a page that could have come straight from a Greenpeace pamphlet, it laid down 10 'rules' for its readers to follow: 'Use public transport when possible; use energy-saving light bulbs; turn off electric gadgets at the wall; do not use a tumble dryer ...'

Two weeks ago the Economist also recanted. In the past it has asserted that 'Mr Bush was right to reject the prohibitively expensive Kyoto pact'. It co-published the Copenhagen Consensus papers, which put climate change at the bottom of the list of global priorities. Now, in a special issue devoted to scaring the living daylights out of its readers, it maintains that 'the slice of global output...

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