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By Zara Atkinson

The British public is becoming less, not more, concerned about climate change, a survey for energy company EDF has found. Considering the structure of the new Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government, it is interesting to note a significant difference in the views of the two parties’ supporters on these issues. Liberal Democrat supporters are the most likely to be interested in global warming and climate change, at 79%, compared to 53% of Conservative supporters.

The survey results indicate that concern for global warming and climate change is continuing to decrease. Although 28% of the public agreed with the statement that ‘it is a serious and urgent problem and radical steps must be taken NOW to prevent terrible damage being done to the planet’, this is down from 38% who agreed in 2007; a 10% drop in three years. Again, far more Liberal Democrat supporters think this way (43%) than supporters of the Conservatives (18%).

‘Not clear whether climate chan...

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