General Article Drug treatment in England: the road to recovery

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The use of illegal drugs in England is declining; people who need help to overcome drug dependency are getting it quicker; and more are completing their treatment and recovering …

The role of treatment

Drug workers – doctors, nurses, counsellors and others – help users overcome dependency.

They also help them to become active citizens, take responsibility for their children, earn their own living and keep a stable home. Drug users who are parents get extra support to look after their children.

While dependent users are in treatment they are less likely to use illegal drugs, to share needles and spread infections, or to steal and shoplift to fund their habit.

Research shows that crimes committed by users are halved when they are in treatment. It also indicates that most need at least three months in treatment to significantly reduce or stop their drug use.

It takes time for users to overcome addiction or manage it so they can lead normal lives. The average period in treatment i...

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