General Article Drugs and the brain

Topic Selected: Drugs Book Volume: 373

Acid (LSD) and magic mushrooms (shrooms)

Short term: Acid and magic mushrooms are hallucinogenics, making people see, hear and experience the world in a different, “trippy” way. Colours may become intensified and sounds distorted.

Users may also become panicky and suffer from paranoia.

The effects of acid can last 12 hours or more which, if it’s a bad trip, can be very frightening.

Long term: Some people who use LSD and magic mushrooms can experience flashbacks. Both can make existing mental health problems worse.

Anabolic steroids (roids)

Short term: Anabolic steroids pump up muscle mass but can also make you feel paranoid, irritable, aggressive or even violent (what’s known as “roid rage”).

Long term:  People can become psychologically dependent on anabolic steroids, and convinced they cannot perform well without them.

Cannabis (marijuana, weed, dope, skunk)

Short term: People smoke cannabis to relax and get high, but it can make it difficult to remember things. It can also cause ...

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