General Article Evolving use of alternative medicines

Topic Selected: Alternative Medicine
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Alternative medicines will continue to influence healthcare decisions in many societies out to 2050. Alternative medicine is growing in popularity:  homeopathic medicine, for example, is a more than one billion/year industry. Meanwhile, Western medicine faces up to ominous consequences for decades of antibiotic and pain medication overuse. A preferable future outcome may represent an integrated version of both Western and alternative care that avoids extreme positions on good health.

In Canada for example, alternative, or complementary, medicine used for chronic conditions in pediatrics is on the rise. Chronic illnesses in children like asthma and obesity, globally on the rise, represent a growing market for this type of treatment.  Because of the expected long-term impact of these diseases on society, identifying a safe and noninvasive treatment would have huge benefits since the obesity generation is growing up into adults with expensive and debilitating health problems.


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