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When should I exercise?

There’s no right time to exercise. It depends on the individual. ‘You need to listen to your body,’ says Robin. ‘Some people feel rough in the morning, whereas others can hop out of bed and do a 10 mile run.’

Don’t exercise for two to three hours after a heavy meal. If you exercise straight after a large meal, you’re likely to experience nausea, stomach cramps and discomfort.


Recommended physical activity levels

  • Children under five years old should do 180 minutes every day.
  • Young people (five to 18 years old) should do 60 minutes every day.
  • Adults (19–64 years old) should do 150 minutes every week.
  • Older adults (65 and over) should do 150 minutes every week.


Can I have a snack before exercising?

You can have a small snack before your workout, such as a piece of fruit or a drink. Robin advises against snacks that are high in sugar, including soft drinks.

‘You might get a quick energy boost but it’ll probably be followed by a sudden energy s...

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