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1. The most commonly cited trigger for eating disorders in children is bullying. A survey carried out by Beat of over 600 people revealed that 65% felt bullying had contributed to their eating disorder. One of our own eating disorder centres, Rhodes Farm, also conducted a survey on patients (eight- to 18-years-old) over the last four years to see if there were any emergent patterns on the reasons why children develop eating disorders. In the younger age group (eight- to 18-years-old), the most common factor cited was bullying. 42% of the children claimed that they were being bullied, with half of them being bullied about their weight.

2. Some research suggests a link between the development of a childhood eating disorder and healthy eating advice. It is also a factor that has been mentioned by some children treated at Rhodes Farm in the last few years. However, it is important to remember that healthy eating talks do not cause eating disorders in children. Most children will just l...

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