General Article Gambling culture then and now

Topic Selected: Gambling Book Volume: 420

Throughout recorded human history, and in every corner of the world, gambling has existed in some form or another. It seems that gaming and wagering is as much a part of our collective cultural heritage as music, folklore, or visual arts.

But while gambling has been around as long as humanity, there have been dramatic shifts in how and why we gamble, and in the societal attitudes towards these activities. Even within living memory, there have been profound changes in how gambling is regulated and carried out, and also in how it is presented and perceived.

Gambling has gone from being widely banned to almost universally accepted within less than a century. Today many people think nothing of searching for online casino sign up bonuses, while the parents of those same people may well have viewed gambling as immoral. How is it that gambling culture has changed so much in such a relatively short time?

A troubled past

For centuries, lawmakers have grappled with how to legislate gambling ...

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