General Article ‘Garment project’ removes size labels from clothes giving eating disorder patients chance to recover

Topic Selected: Eating Disorders

They “empower patients by providing them with new clothing, individualised for their healthy bodies”.

By Natasha Hinde

A woman recovering from an eating disorder has turned her negative experiences into something positive, with the help of her close friend.

Erin Drischler is the co-founder of Garment Project, a non-profit organisation which removes size labels from new clothing and then gifts those items to women recovering from eating disorders.

“We are not just giving clothing that fits, we are allowing our client to build confidence in other aspects of her life while tackling the worst part–body image,” she explains on the organisation’s website.

Drischler knows about the intense cycle of negativity which comes hand-in-hand with clothing sizes all too well.

“After about a decade into my eating disorder, I could start to pinpoint things that were keeping me sick,”

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