General Article Global: a peek into gambling attitudes

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As industry players chase international growth, our new tool – YouGov Global Gambling Profiles – sheds light on the biggest gambling markets around the world, as well as the differences in gambler behaviour and attitudes. YouGov Global Gambling Profiles continuously collects data in 24 countries to allow users unique, real-time insights into how much the world gambles and why.

Gambling for enjoyment: where is betting enjoyed most?

YouGov Global Gambling Profiles data provides marketers with insights into people’s attitudes towards gambling right around the world. Today, we can reveal which countries enjoy betting the most.

Our data reveals that more than one in two (56%) adults in South Africa say they ‘really enjoy betting’, compared with just 21% globally.

Poland (30%), Portugal (31%), Brazil (24%) and India (25%) are some of the other markets where a significant proportion of adults say they really enjoy betting.

Fantasy sports is popular across the world

The tool also gives us ...

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