General Article How safe are our children?

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Society must be to account on child cruelty

It is incumbent on any society to protect its children from abuse and neglect. So how well protected are children in the UK? As an organisation dedicated to ending child cruelty, the NSPCC believes that not only is it important to understand how many children are being abused and neglected – it is also necessary to track progress if society is to be held to account for its responsibility to children. Only by monitoring the extent of child abuse and neglect in the UK can we judge whether efforts to prevent maltreatment and to protect children are working.

The complex, hidden and multifaceted nature of child abuse and neglect means that it will always be necessary to view the answer through multiple lenses. Child abuse takes many different forms and is, more often than not, undetected. Therefore it needs to be measured in different ways. Each source of data has its own merits and weaknesses. 

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