General Article Leanne - 'My experience of neglect'

Topic Selected: Child Abuse
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Life at home

We led a very chaotic life, moving house all the time. The houses were in bad condition and always dirty. I remember not washing enough, my clothes being dirty, and my hair being messy. At school the kids would call me ‘smelly’ and ‘dirty’ and I was bullied all the time. The bullying got so bad that the bullies said that if they saw me out of school they’d kill me. I was really scared that they might.
I was often left to cook my own dinner and do the cleaning. There was no table to eat at. I thought our place was normal until I saw other children’s homes which were so very different. My friends at school didn’t want to come back to my place.

My mum

I think mum just didn’t know how to be a good mum. She had a terrible childhood herself. When I was really small, mum used to tell me she loved me, but as I got older this stopped and I thought she didn’t love me anymore. Her moods were up and down, she drank a lot and there were often big rows, sometimes violent, with her ...

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