General Article Myths around drink and drug driving debunked including the ‘one pint rule’

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By Emma Pengelly 

Breaking the law when it comes to drink and drug driving is a serious offence that can cost lives.

All too often we hear guilty pleas to drink driving and in the worst case, fatalities caused by driving under the influence.

But how well do you know the law when it comes to drink and drug driving?

There are several misconceptions and little known facts about exceeding the limits, so SurreyLive has enlisted the help of a motoring law expert and a Surrey Roads Policing Unit sergeant to debunk these myths.

To test whether drivers are over the limit, the police can measure how much alcohol you have consumed by taking breath tests, and blood and urine samples.

The limits for each test are as follows:

Per 100ml of breath, 35 micrograms of alcohol is the limit.

Per 100ml of blood, 80 milligrammes of alcohol is the limit.

Per 100ml of urine, 107 milligrammes is the limit.

Let’s get to the myths.

1. The limits are the same wherever I drive in the UK

Wrong. In Scotland the ...

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