General Article Neglect and abuse in childhood could have long-term economic consequences

Topic Selected: Child Abuse
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People who suffer neglect and abuse in childhood are much more likely to have time off work due to long-term sickness and less likely to own their own homes when they reach middle age than their peers, according to new research undertaken at UCL.

The study, which is published in US journal Pediatrics and undertaken as part of the Public Health Research Consortium, showed that the potential socioeconomic impact of child neglect and abuse may persist for decades.

The researchers found that neglected children often had worse reading and mathematics skills in adolescence than their peers, which could hamper their ability to find work and progress in the job market. These factors did not explain the poorer standard of living for those reporting child abuse.

The team followed the lives of 8,076 people from birth in 1958 until the age of 50 years, examining key socioeconomic indicators.

A person’s economic circumstances at the age of 50 are important becau

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