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Neglect – not being cared for properly

Being looked after properly means that you have access to these things when you need them:

  • Clean, warm clothes or shoes
  • Comfort and affection
  • Enough to eat and drink
  • Protection and guidance to keep you away from dangerous situations
  • Somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep
  • Help when you’re ill or you’ve been hurt
  • Support with getting your education.

Being looked after properly also means that you are not left alone for a long time, or have to spend a lot of time looking after other people in your family, without getting any support from an adult.
If any of this is happening to you, you might think that it’s your fault. It isn’t. Every child and young person has the right to be well looked after, but sometimes parents and carers are not able to manage this by themselves. If you want to talk about neglect, there are people who care – they will listen to you and help you.


How can I tell people I am being neglected if I’m too embarra...

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