General Article Outdoor fitness equipment: taking the 'play' out of the playground?

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In theory, these ‘adult playgrounds’ sound like a great idea:

  • They’re free: for anyone put off by the cost of gym memberships or home equipment, free outdoor gyms are a great alternative.
  • They’re outside: perfect for anyone who doesn’t have space at home to workout, or who wants to get out in the fresh air and maybe get some sun (not that we’ve had much of that here in the UK lately).
  • They’re a good exercise reminder: acting as a prompt to anyone walking past that they should maybe get a little more exercise.
  • They’re inexpensive: As far as public health interventions, outdoor gyms are relatively cheap – there’s a one-off payment for the equipment and that’s it – no fees for staff, no printing/advertising costs, etc.


BUT, how effective are these outdoor gyms in practice, really? Personally, I think there are a number of reasons why investing public money in outdoor fitness equipment isn’t the best idea:


1. No privacy

For anyone wanting to get fitter/get in shape, an ...

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