Phases of restrictive eating disorders

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Information for parents/loved ones.

Stage one of an ED. I’m not so bad, I’m certainly not ill – leave me alone

This is where someone has lost some weight and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. You have probably told them how much better they look but now it’s time to stop. The loved one isn’t ‘too thin’ but you are alarmed about their eating habits. They are eating on their own much more, and they have probably become vegetarian which is an excuse to eat less fat and to feel more pure. This desire for “purity” is one of the early signs of anorexia. Yes, many people go on diets, and Yes, many people become vegetarian for all sorts of reasons. But most dieters cannot wait to stop their diet and they do not become afraid to eat. Normal dieters do not get enraged when someone tries to persuade them to eat some food.

In stage one when someone isn’t absolutely underweight quite yet, they are hearing a

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