Retailers must be more responsible – Be Real responds to Topshop’s ultra-thin mannequins

Topic Selected: Eating Disorders

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Two years after Topshop said it would stop its use of ultra-skinny mannequins they reappeared in a shop window. Read our full response.

Denise Hatton, Chief Executive of the National Council of YMCAs, a founding partner of body image campaign Be Real, said:

“It’s shocking to see the return of ultra-thin mannequins at Topshop, almost two years after the retailer said it will stop using them.

“Once again young women and girls are presented with an ‘ideal’ body type that’s unrealistic and unhealthy for the majority of people to achieve.

“Only ever seeing one body type in fashion advertising, particularly an extremely thin body type, risks creating an insidious pressure to attempt to become something we’re not.

“This is why we launched the Body Image Pledge last year to urge the advertising, fashion, media and music industries to be responsible in the way they portray body image.


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