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What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse can include different kinds of activities such as:

  • Some types of kissing
  • Touching private parts of the body
  • Rape (being forced to have sex when you don’t want to)
  • Being made to look at pornographic videos or magazines
  • Other acts which are felt by the child or young person to be abusive.

This is not the kind of sex play which is a normal part of growing up, when children and young people want to find out about each other’s bodies, or when people start going out with each other.
Sexual abusers are usually stronger or in a position of power or authority over the child or young person. They use this power to get the person to take part in sexual activities.
The law tries to protect the safety and rights of children and young people. When someone sexually abuses a child or young person they are breaking the law.

Who sexually abuses children?

Abusers are not usually strangers. Most often, they are a relative, friend of the family, neighbour, a...

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