General Article Signs of gambling harm

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Would you know how to spot if your own or someone else’s gambling is causing harm?

Gambling is also known as the ‘hidden addiction’, and quite often the signs are not clear. However, from experience, we understand that these are the most common ways to identify if your own or someone else’s gambling has become harmful. If you recognise these signs, we are here to support you. Our services are free, confidential and operate 24/7.

Five signs to consider about your own gambling:

1. Preoccupation – Do you spend much of your day thinking about betting? Are you finding it distracting you whilst at work, or taking you out of the moment when you spend time with friends and family? Often thinking about or planning to gamble can be one of the early warning signs that gambling could be harmful.

2. Withdrawal – Removing yourself from social and professional situations so that you can place a bet is another warning signal that your gambling might be going too far, and that the urges to gamble ar...

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