General Article Six lifestyle changes that could help avert the climate crisis

Topic Selected: Climate Change Book Volume: 426

If everyone in the developed world rung in these changes, emissions would fall by a quarter, research suggests.

The sheer magnitude and complexity of the climate crisis can leave many people feeling helpless and apathetic. Why bother giving up beef if BP is drilling for more oil? What’s the point in cutting back on air travel when airlines run empty flights just to keep their airport slots? 

Anyone asking themselves such questions following the UN’s latest warning about the climate crisis may be cheered by research published earlier this year. Commissioned by The Jump, a grassroots environmental group, it found that citizens have direct influence over 25-27 per cent of the emissions savings needed by 2030 to avoid climate chaos. In other words, people have more agency over the global heating than they might think. 

That’s not to absolve governments and corporations of their responsibilities, far from it. Without greater ambition from the public and private sectors, the climate crisi...

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