General Article ‘Stop promoting them’: victims call for football to end tragic link with gambling

Topic Selected: Gambling Book Volume: 420

Campaign to end advertising in the sport organising walk in memory of loved ones lost to gambling-related suicides.

By John Brewin

Kimberly Wadsworth was 32 when she took her own life in 2018. The passionate Leeds fan who worked in marketing was a gambling addict. Having begun on the fixed-odds betting terminals found in any high-street bookmaker she had graduated to online casinos.

There she was plied with ‘free’ bets and gained VIP status from the companies she gambled with. They incentivised her to keep playing even when her losses were heavy. Hers is a not unfamiliar story – Public Health England estimates there are 409 gambling- related suicides each year in England – but she is a reminder that gambling addiction is not an exclusively male affliction.

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