General Article System failing child sex abuse victims

Topic Selected: Child Abuse
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In a report by the Children’s Commissioner for England it has been alleged that victims of child sex abuse are being let down by the very systems and procedures that are designed to protect them from harm.

The findings highlighted that warning signs are being missed, investigations are being delayed unnecessarily and, perhaps most concerning of all, abused young people have to wait for therapy and are not permitted counselling before taking part in traumatic court cases.

Responding to the findings, Peter Garsden, child abuse solicitor and strong advocate for the rights of abuse survivors, argues that with the recent increase in awareness of sexual abuse crimes there has to be a better understanding of how to help those who have suffered abuse at a young age.

Long investigations

The focal point of the report was how child abuse cases were investigated, with the overarching conclusion that an increase in reports of sexual offences is placing strain

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