General Article The social and economic impacts of climate change

Topic Selected: Climate Change
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Social impacts

Climate change is likely to have far-reaching and catastrophic social impacts and will affect communities in different ways. Vulnerability to climate change impacts depends on differences in geography, technological resources, governance and wealth. It is often the world’s most impoverished nations that are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change – nations that have the fewest resources to adapt and cope with these effects. Communities in developing countries which are making little or no direct contribution to climate change are likely to be among the most affected.

Water shortages

Declining rainfall and accelerated evaporation may reduce runoff, threatening the availability of fresh water for human and industrial consumption. Furthermore, loss of glaciers and ice fields may jeopardise drinking water supplies. Water supply is likely to be affected both in terms of quantity and in quality as demand for depleting supplies increases. Loss of water (and food)...

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