General Article Top ten global weather/climate events of 2010

Topic Selected: Climate Change
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The following article lists the top ten global weather/climate events of 2010. These events are listed according to their overall rank, as voted on by a panel of weather/climate experts. The voters considered factors such as the scope and unusualness of the event, its immediate human and economic impact, and whether it is emblematic of climate trends or variability.

Note: These lists were compiled and voted on during the first week of December. Significant events, such as the extreme winter weather in Europe and the flooding in Australia, occurred after this date. These events may have warranted top ten placement.

1 Russian – European – Asian Heat Waves – Summer

A severe summer spawned drought, wildfires and crop failures across western Russia, where more than 15,000 people died. All-time high temperatures occurred in many cities and nations in the region. China faced locust swarms during July.

2 2010 as [near] warmest year on record – calendar year

According to NOAA, the globa...

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