General Article Understanding women’s experiences of gambling

Topic Selected: Gambling Book Volume: 420

Today marks International Women’s Day 2022, providing a moment to share what we know about women and gambling.

Historically, the gambling experiences of women have been somewhat hidden amongst nationally representative statistics and high-level trends. It’s easy to revert to long-held assumptions about preferred activities and less frequent participation, but when we dive deeper we can get a much better understanding of what motivates women to gamble, how they engage with different products, and how gambling fits into their day to day lives.

Here, we use some of our core telephone survey data and qualitative consumer research, along with other recent studies, to explore how women gamble and the impact that their own or someone else’s gambling can have on them.

How do women engage with gambling?

Our latest participation data shows that nearly half (42%) of women have gambled in the last four weeks, predominantly on activities such as the National Lottery draws, other lotteries, scrat...

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