General Article Who is affected by drug addiction and what are the consequences?

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With so much stigma attached to drug addiction, most people believe that it is an affliction rather than an illness. Even though addiction is a recognised illness of the brain, it is viewed by most in a bad light. Negative stereotyping has helped to forge opinions and many believe that those affected by addiction are ‘bad’ or ‘weak’ individuals. This is not the case. So, who is affected by drug addiction and what are the negative consequences of this illness?

Why do some individuals develop a drug addiction?

Not everyone who uses drugs will go on to suffer with addiction. In fact, there are many people who can use illegal drugs recreationally without ever developing a physical dependence. Then again, there are some who are hooked after just one use. So why does this happen?

There is no single cause of addiction, and scientists have so far been unable to pinpoint any reason why some people are affected by addiction while others are not. What they do know, however, is that there are c...

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