General Article Why you can't trust homeopathy

Topic Selected: Alternative Medicine

It doesn’t work

When tested under rigorous conditions – when neither the patient nor the doctor knows whether they’re using homeopathy or not until all of the tests are done – homeopathy has shown to work no better than a sugar pill. That doesn’t mean people do not feel better after taking homeopathy; only that those feelings aren’t related to the homeopathy. This is known as the placebo effect and is often misunderstood. Conventional medicine also has a placebo effect, on top of its other benefits.

The choice between medicine and homeopathy comes down to a simple question: would you have a placebo, or a placebo plus a treatment that has been proven to work?


It couldn’t work

The theoretical principles that underpin homeopathy lack any scientific credibility and the so-called ‘laws of homeopathy’ do not tally with anything we know about the world around us. Only a basic understanding o

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