General Article Zombie fitness app a runaway success for UK business

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Zombies, Run!, the brainchild of London-based games company Six to Start and writer Naomi Alderman, is the first ever fitness game with a story, and is becoming a huge hit with joggers from Italy to Australia. The game, downloaded as an app and played on iPhone or iPod, puts the player in the centre of a zombie apocalypse. Through their headphones, the player can hear zombies chasing them – and receives instructions to run in the real world to escape from them.

The app has already being called a breakthrough innovation in fitness and gaming, putting the player at the heart of the story. The player is called ‘Runner Five’, who comes from a tiny base which is the last remnant of humanity after the zombie apocalypse. Every time the player goes out running in the real world, they collect virtual ‘supplies’ such as batteries, water and canned food, for their community.

The player has to run frequently to keep the base growing, and at the end of each run, they can decide how to allocate...

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